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Home Care Matters!

Home care play a critical role in Nova Scotia’s health care system. Nurses and home support workers care for the elderly & people who are sick or recovering from illness, and help them stay in their homes, rather than go into hospitals or long-term care.


The province’s waitlist for home care services grew by 80% last year. By 2026, 25% of Nova Scotia’s population will be over the age of 65.


What’s At Risk


Government wants to allow for-profit companies to compete with the not-for-profit organizations to deliver home care.


This competitive bidding process will award home care contracts based on the lowest bid – not on who will provide the best quality of care. With for-profit corporations, the quality of home care will suffer, as will our loved ones who rely on this service.


These companies will bid low to land a government contract, then slash workers’ wages and benefits to make a profit.


This means home support workers will have less money to support their families & help them stay in our communities. It will become even more difficult to attract and retain people to this vital part of the health care system.


The Facts:


  • Over 2,500 people are waiting for beds in nursing homes, yet the Liberals have refused to open new beds;
  • They say they are focused on offering home care instead, but 760 people are already on the waiting list for home care services;
  • Nova Scotia already has a shortage of home support workers & home nurses;
  • 98% of home support workers & home nurses are women.


Our Loved Ones Deserve Better
Our parents & grandparents need regular caregivers who know their medications, routines, and personal needs, not a constant string of strangers entering their homes!


Our loved ones deserve better. Home care should be fully covered under public health care, not sold off to the lowest bidder!


Please help us make sure Nova Scotia’s home support services are protected. Sign our petition below and tell the Health Minister and your local MLA to protect care and caregivers!

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