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What’s at stake?

Due to federal funding cuts, by as soon as 2034, provinces will face chronic deficits and be unable to maintain public health care in its current form

Office of the Parliamentary Budgetary Officer, July 2015

With the 2015 federal election behind us, we must remain vigilant to protect, strengthen and expand public health care. On October 19th, we made a real difference.

Each party made promises and commitments that we have to ensure they continue to promote and, in the case of the government, implement. It is essential that we continue to take action to demonstrate that public healthcare remains a top issue for our elected officials. 

Together, we can protect public healthcare and contribute to stronger, expanded healthcare for all.

Real solutions for better public healthcare.

Pledge and Vote Public Healthcare

Join us, take the pledge to vote public healthcare, help us spread the word and get out the vote.


National Health Accord

Canadians need a new health accord that provides adequate health funding and ensures high quality of care.


Implement Universal Pharmacare

1 in 4 Canadians have no access to drug coverage. A universal pharmacare program would save $11 billion annually.


Plan to Eliminate Poverty

Poverty has a greater influence on health than any amount of primary care in hospitals or with doctors.


Continuing Care Strategy

We have some of the highest rates of chronic disease in the country and in 10 years one in four of us will be over 65.


Restore Refugee Healthcare

Changes to refugee healthcare mean those risked incredible hardship to come to Canada are now being denied healthcare.